FitW. The gymnastic dice.
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With sensomotoric training FitW strengthens your abdominal and back muscles. These muscles are essential for whole body stabilisation.

Recommended exercise for abdominal muscle training:

Sit on FitW and lift of your feet from the ground. Use your arms to stabilize your position and then alternatingly rotate your upper body left and right. It is important to keep a straight spine in order to have enough tension.

Balance is the basis to all performance improvements. It will also prevent injuries of the spine, ligaments and joints. FitW helps to increase inter- and intramuscular coordination, deep muscle stability (for example the interspinal muscles), anticipation and action speed (cognitive-motoric performance) and neuromuscular coordination (movement perception). Exercises for whole body stabilisation supports your spine and prevents injuries like prolapses.

Recommended exercise for whole body stabilisation:

Try to stand with one foot on FitW. Then rotate your free leg in a semicircle around the fixed leg. Keep your body in an upright position. This exercise should be done for 20 seconds.

Strengthening is essential for a healthy and painless life – from childhood to high age.
It is possible to train calf-, thigh-, hip-, gluteal- and backmuscles simultaneously.
Exercises not only improve physical strength but also to stabilize your body and your body position.

Recomended exercises:

Try to stand with both legs on your FitW, bend your knees and put your hands in front. Make several squats and remember to keep your spine in an upright position.

Targeted back training prevents injuries and keeps you mobile. Strengthening of the longissimus and erector spinae muscles is of great importance in everyday life, because it provides the basis for and upright sitting position. This prevents the cervical spine from being in a hyperlordosis throughout working in front of a screen. Additionally, the movements on FitW are necessary for the nutrition of your intervertebral discs. Training of your back is good for your muscles from hip to head also including the intervertebral muscles.

Recommended exercise:

Balance training:
Try to kneel or stand on your FitW (either with both legs or one – depending on your level). If you want to increase difficulty it is useful move your body.

Lay as flat as a pancake with your face downwards on the FitW and raise your scapulae with a right angle in your shoulder and elbow (easy). Next level is to rotate your arms clockwise. To increase difficulty alternatingly put your arms in front and back.

Exercises on FitW train your spine and gluteal muscles and your pelvis. FitW is perfectly suited for an upright body position and for prevention of prolapses or other spine related problems – for every age. In addition it is ideal to train the otherwise difficult to train intervertebral muscles sustainably. It is also possible to chose your own level by different inflation. The harder the more stability is provided by FitW.

Recomended exercises:

Kneel with both knees on the dice. Then rotate your upper body with extended arms.

FitW is suitable for all ages. Depending on the age it provides the following benefits:

FitW for kids under 12 years:

  • activates physical and cognitive abilities
  • is learning support (calculating, colors)
  • improves cognitive abilities
  • provides flexibility
  • strengthens the locomotor system
  • improves coordination
  • promotes balance and stability

FitW for adolescents:

  • strengthens muscles
  • improves flexibility
  • improves cognitive abilities
  • improves performance
  • overcomes growth phases and accompanied by pain
  • prevents injuries

for adults until 50 years FitW:

  • prevents injuries – especially prolapses, joint injuries and ligament injuries
  • conserves flexibility
  • improves or maintains performance

FitW for adults over 50 years:

  • prevents injuries (also age related injuries)
  • delays age related performance decrease
  • strengthens the locomotor system
  • improves pelvic floor training efficiency

Useful tips:

  • Start with easy exercises and increase the difficulty slowly
  • Start with exercises for balance and stability. Add exercises for muscles strength later
  • Safety first: Never use FitW in a dangerous environment. Apply gym mats to increase safety.
  • Take of your shoes before using FitW. It will not only protect the dice but also improve the efficiency of the exercises.
  • Train outside. This is possible due to the robust material of FitW. Afterwards in can be easily cleaned.
  • Children are only supposed to train under supervision of adults.

FH-Prof. Ing. MMag.
Dr. Anton Sabo

Leader of the institute for biomedical health & sports engineering

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