FitW. The gymnastic dice.
For adults and athletes.

FitW is a new-generation gymnastic dice. It can be used as healthy, mobile alternative to the classic office armchair as well as for targeted training and prevention of injuries: FitW is THE multifaceted training-device.

Its dice shape and inflatable interior allows numerous training options and adaption of the difficulty to the level of the athlete. Thanks to the robust properties of the material it can be easily transported and also used outdoors.

With our training schedules and videos you can organize your senso-motoric training individually and find new challenges.

An alternative to the classic office armchair
Sitting in front of a screen for a long time can lead to neck- and backpain and ultimately to permanent postural defects. We recommend to replace your armchair by FitW regularly. Your muscles will be constantly active and your body will be
mobilized sustainably. Try to begin with a duration of half an hour daily and increase the duration you spend on your FitW slowly.

Professional training
Due to the variable difficulty it is possible to adapt FitW to your personal level. By now FitW is used by professional skiers and football players. The advantage: it is possible to train strength as well as stability and balance at once!

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FH-Prof. Ing. MMag.
Dr. Anton Sabo

Leader of the institute for biomedical health & sports engineering

“A highly efficient training device!”

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