FitW. The gymnastic dice.
For kids and adolescents.

FitW for kids under 12 years:

  • activates physical and cognitive abilities
  • is learning support (calculating, colors)
  • improves cognitive abilities
  • provides flexibility
  • strengthens the locomotor system
  • improves coordination
  • promotes balance and stability

FitW for adolescents:

  • strengthens muscles
  • improves flexibility
  • improves cognitive abilities
  • improves performance
  • overcomes growth phases and accompanied by pain
  • prevents injuries

Games and fun:

FitW is used to support lessons and as playing as well as learning device at leisure. The different colors and numbers facilitate learning to calculate. What’s more, numerous forms to play and reaction games are possible. FitW improves physical and mental
activity in school. Children can concentrate more, thus learning success increases.

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FH-Prof. Ing. MMag.
Dr. Anton Sabo

Leader of the institute for biomedical health & sports engineering

“A highly efficient training device!”

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