FitW. The gymnastic dice.


Katharina Gallhuber
World cup skier.

„Balance and coordination are what I train with FitW. That’s what I need all the time for the races. Thanks to its portability I take it with me to all the world cup location.“

Rade Curcic
Downhill amateur world champion

„FitW supports my workouts and balance, a basic in my sports. It’s great that I can also train in my hotel room when i’m on route.“


Verena Huber
Fitness coach

„I know FitW for quite a long time now and it has developed into one of my most favourite training devices. I have always been enthusiastic about the product.“

Andreas Lechner
Personal Trainer

„I always use FitW when training with my clients. Everyone is thrilled.“


Philipp Gallhuber
Professional football player

„Coordination is an important part of modern football. That’s what I use my FitW for. And of course stabilisation exercises.“

Martin Manzenreiter
Bodybuilder & Fitnesstrainer

„It is astonishing how intensive training with FitW can be! It is always challenging. I include it into my training schedule regularly.“


Christoph Riegler
Professional football player

„As a goal keeper, coordination as well as balance and stabilisation are very important for me. FitW has enabled optimal training for many years.“

Florian Koppensteiner
Sports scientist

O-C-T offraod-segway-touren-mit-oct-007-30fed

OCT Outdoor Consulting
“Movement is life”


FH-Prof. Ing. MMag.
Dr. Anton Sabo

Leader of the institute for biomedical health & sports engineering

“A highly efficient training device!””

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